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Partnerships &
Joint Ventures

Collaboration –
Lasting Partnerships.

WealthStone believes in the power of cooperation and collaboration, aiming for synergy where each party provides specialized experience and resources to achieve a common goal for all. We pride ourselves on our ability to build value in real estate by creating strategic alliances, teamwork, joint ventures and lasting partnerships.

Partnerships may include land owners in need of a development partner, fund managers seeking a closer relationship with their capital deployment, wealth managers looking for real estate solutions for their clients, foreign organizations seeking a well-connected local partner to oversee business plan execution, capital managers in search of an expert team, or specialized capital firms seeking to join forces on specific projects.

WealthStone welcomes new ideas and innovative approaches. We are always open to exploring new endeavors.

Management / Sponsor

Rigorous Process –
In-depth Analysis.

WealthStone, as the sponsor of its projects will oversee finding, acquiring, financing and administration of the real estate assets. We will manage each project to achieve its financial objectives. We will undertake in-depth analyses as well as physical and operational due diligence. Our rigorous evaluation process assesses risks in sector allocations, market diversifications and financing structures.

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management sponsor wealthstone real estate investment

As a real estate sponsor, we focus on maximizing a property’s value. This differs from real estate property managers who handle a property’s day-to-day activities related to operations and physical maintenance. Management provides a detailed analysis of assets, liabilities, opportunities and risks to maximize earnings.

The performance of a property can be improved by cutting unnecessary expenses or implementing a new business strategy to drive revenue. WealthStone aims to mitigate downside risks while creating value through a variety of strategies.

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asset management wealthstone real estate investment

Asset Management

Maximum Efficiency –
Increased Competitiveness.

WealthStone intends to specialize in particular types of property, regions, and operations. It will conduct market research, data analysis, revenue and expense forecasting. Proper asset management increases a property’s competitiveness with similarly positioned properties. At WealthStone, we seek to push our focus on key areas of operations and reduce redundancies and inefficiencies.

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As asset manager of our properties, we will seek to increase efficiencies by:

  • Reviewing labor utilization and personnel management to minimize wasted hours and excessive overtime
  • Selecting third-party providers and negotiating contracts necessary for operations
  • Developing marketing plans and initiatives to help increase revenue opportunities and effectively promote the property
  • Leading the development of annual proformas and engaging with property management to drive performance in alignment with budgetary goals
  • Providing assistance to facilitate transaction closing during acquisition and disposition
  • Managing relationships with lender representatives to ensure the properties adhere to loan covenants and reporting guidelines
  • Working closely with property managers and leasing agents
  • Managing cash flow
  • Developing, analyzing and distributing asset management reports
  • Modeling a full life-cycle financial analysis

We believe that diligent financial oversight and day-to-day adherence to the business plan are key components to successful management.

WealthStone’s asset management responsibilities will also include special attention to capital expenditures, including larger scope maintenance initiatives and property upgrades for items that periodically need to be replaced. This may include roofs, elevator systems, HVAC equipment, driveways, plumbing systems, or any large item with age or performance issues detected during the initial property condition report and/or subsequent review.

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Expertise –
Vision to Reality.

WealthStone’s real estate development expertise encompasses everything from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of entitled land for project development. We can assemble all of the required consultants, design firms, contractors, and vendors. From start to finish, WealthStone will coordinate and effectively communicate to the team members throughout a project’s life-cycle while simultaneously paying close attention to budgets and schedules.

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development wealthstone real estate investment

Our team has expertise in managing and working with a wide variety of professionals.  As real estate developers we work with experienced general contractors, architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, site planners, attorneys, environmental consultants, surveyors, title companies, lenders, architects, general contractors, subcontractors and municipalities, plus a variety of others.

WealthStone has the talent to navigate complex transactions, secures necessary equity and debt financing and seeks to overcome design or construction challenges. We strive to work as one team with our third-party experts to identify the right solutions, so projects successfully achieve the intended vision and business plan needs.

Whether it’s a renovation or a new build project, WealthStone will coordinate all activities converting ideas on paper to completion as real property.

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