A Clear Vision.

Our approach is flexible and innovative, providing a clear vision to maximize the value of each property. Using strong leadership coupled with an entrepreneurial strategy, we strive to uncover quality assets in compelling locations that have the potential to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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Strong leadership and ability to execute.

Our management team has navigated 20 years of business cycles and completed over $2 billion of direct real estate transaction, asset management and development experience across all major real estate classes. We also have experience in sophisticated tax structures, often required for foreign joint-venture partners.

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WealthStone seeks to tactically acquire income producing commercial real estate across the United States.

We pursue a broad array of acquisition and development opportunities, including the development and acquisition of both for-lease and for-sale residential properties, including multi-family, senior living and student housing; office buildings; retail centers; industrial properties; hotels and self-storage.

Our experienced team will allow us to execute complex transactions through hands-on repositioning, restructuring, redevelopment and intensive post-acquisition asset management.

WealthStone, together with global partners, seeks to invest approximately $500 million of equity in a variety of real estate ventures with total capitalization of approximately $1.1 billion.

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Laser focus on core strengths and competitive advantages.

Our focus is primarily on markets in the U.S. with greater than 1 million metropolitan area population, particularly those with low unemployment rates, and which demonstrate strong and durable employment growth driven by technology, healthcare, financial services, education and energy sectors.

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We pursue a broad array of opportunities that are expected to generate current income, capital appreciation or a balance of the two. WealthStone intends to acquire and develop both for-lease for for-sale residential properties including multi-family, senior living, and student housing; office buildings, retail centers; industrial properties; hotels and self-storage. We seek to acquire assets that are located in markets that exhibit attractive demographics and fundamentals, and which are anticipated to generate a current or near-term cash flow component.

When considering the fundamentals of a real estate project, our team looks at several key factors and asks:

  • Is this property priced below comparable sales prices in the market or below the replacement cost of the building?
  • Are the risks inherent to the operation of commercial real estate (loss of occupancy, need for capital, maintenance, etc.) well mitigated by the circumstances with respect to a specific property?
  • How do these risks and expected returns stack up to other available opportunities?

Our approach is consistent. WealthStone’s underwriting focuses on preservation of capital, even with projects that have a projected substantial upside. We concentrate on metrics that are less skewed using financing such as unlevered cash flow yields and comparable sales. If financing is needed to acquire a property, conservative leverage is considered. Target acquisitions generally will range from $5 million to $40 million of equity capital and $10 million to over $100 million of total capitalization per project. We see larger projects as an opportunity to joint-venture with sophisticated and experienced global partners.

WealthStone believes in flexible joint venture arrangements that allow us to uncover value in real estate assets while ensuring an alignment of interests with our partners.

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